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How to Verify a Professional's License in Las Vegas?

When hiring a professional in Las Vegas, you must ensure that the professional is duly registered and licensed by the appropriate licensing board. 36 professional licensing boards discharge the duty of issuing licenses to professionals in Las Vegas and these boards each maintain a license search tool that enables you to confirm the licensing status of any Las Vegas professional you wish to hire. For example, you can use the Nevada State Contractors Board's license search tool to verify the license of building professionals and contractors in Las Vegas.

In addition to verifying your professional's license, you may have to meet other requirements before you can commence your project. For example, if your project involves construction or home improvement repairs, you will have to obtain permits from the city's Permits & Licenses Office. You can contact this office at (702) 229-6251 to direct any permit-related queries that you may have.

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Do Las Vegas Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, neighborhood associations in Las Vegas do not issue permits to residents of the city. However, these associations collaborate with city agencies for general city development. Neighborhood associations aim to keep the neighborhood informed and allow residents to give feedback on proposed projects. Also, neighborhood associations work with external bodies that make it easier to embark on new projects that can benefit the neighborhood. For instance, in February 2021, the Neighborhood Partners Fund (NPF) opened its annual grant application, which offers a maximum of $5000 each to different neighborhood associations to improve the quality of life in their respective areas. Similarly, in August 2021, the Youth Neighborhood Association Partnership Program (YNAPP) opened its annual application for grant offers of up to $1,250 to youth from different neighborhood associations working on neighborhood-based service learning projects. To find what neighborhood association your neighborhood belongs to, you can use the city's Find Your Ward platform.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Las Vegas?

If you have an unfair business complaint in Las Vegas, you can report it by completing the online Electronic Consumer Complaint form provided by the Nevada Attorney General's Office. Alternatively, you can request a paper complaint form be mailed to you by sending an email to the Constituent Services Unit of the Attorney General's Office with the subject "Requesting Paper Complaint." Note that you can also request a paper complaint form by visiting the Las Vegas office in person at:

  • Grant Sawyer Building
  • 555 E. Washington Avenue
  • Suite 3900
  • Las Vegas, NV 89101

Mail the completed complaint form to the address provided on the complaint form. You can also contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection Hotline at (702) 486-3132 for further instructions. If you have a complaint alleging criminal misconduct, you can file a report on this with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. These offices investigate and take necessary actions where it is deemed fit as part of their respective consumer protection duties. However, it is important to note that both the Nevada Attorney General's Office and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department cannot provide legal advice or represent you in private legal actions. Therefore, if you seek a personal remedy for damages caused by the professional, you should consider filing a civil action. If the amount of money involved is $10,000 or less, you can file a small claims action at the Las Vegas Justice Court. Even though small claims actions are informal and resolved without the need for a legal representation, it is advisable to get legal advice before proceeding with your case. You can do this by utilizing the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada or the Las Vegas Civil Law Self Help Center.