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How to Verify a Professional's License in Sparks?

The issuance of licenses to professionals in Sparks is handled by various state licensing boards and agencies. For instance, the Nevada State Board of Architecture, Interior Design, and Residential Design licenses architects and two other professional categories, while the Nevada State Contractors Board licenses contractors. You must ensure that any professional you wish to hire has the required license issued by the relevant licensing board or agency. You can verify a professional's license by checking the Washoe County professional license search portal. Alternatively, you can make use of the verification portal of the licensing Board overseeing the professional's licensing or contact this Board. For example, you can verify a contractor's license by checking the Nevada State Contractors Board license search portal or by contacting this Board at (702) 486-1100 or (775) 688-1141.

Along with ensuring your hired professional has the required license, you should also comply with city directives when carrying out your project. In Sparks, you need a building permit if you wish to execute a construction project or do some home improvements. The Permits Services Division of the Sparks Planning & New Development Department is responsible for receiving permit applications in the city. Inquiries on permit applications can be directed to this Division by email or at (775) 353-2306.

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Do Sparks Neighbourhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Sparks is divided into five wards, each headed by a member of the City Council. The City Council consists of the City Mayor and the five council members who have the responsibility of policy-making. The City Council does not issue permits for home improvement or construction jobs across the city. However, it approves and oversees various city development projects. To this end, the City Council, in June 2021, approved the Marina Pipeline Control Project. The project is aimed at filling the lakes around the city and maintaining the lake waters at the correct surface elevation. Also, in September 2021, the City Council approved a construction contract with Express Sewer and Drain for the Sanitary Sewer Cured In-Place Pipe project. The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate current pipelines running through the city.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Sparks?

The Nevada Office of the Attorney General (AG) is responsible for receiving and resolving unfair business complaints from residents of Sparks. You can file an unfair business complaint with this Office online or by mail. For online filings, you must complete an online complaint form. To file an unfair business complaint by mail, you can have a physical form delivered to you by contacting the AG Office's Constituent Service Unit via email. This form should then be completed and mailed to:

  • Office of the Attorney General
  • 5420 Kietzke Lane
  • Suite 202
  • Reno, NV 89511

For further inquiries on filing consumer complaints, you can contact the AG's Bureau of Consumer Protection at (702) 486-3132.

Alternatively, you can file an unfair business complaint with the Nevada Consumer Affairs Office. Complaints can be filed with this office online or by requesting a hardcopy complaint form by calling (844) 594-7275, and mailing the completed hardcopy form to:

  • Nevada Consumer Affairs
  • 3300 West Sahara Avenue
  • Suite 425
  • Las Vegas, NV 89102

If your complaint includes an allegation of criminal conduct, you can contact the Sparks Police Department at (775) 353-2428 and inquire on whether you can file a crime report.

After your complaint has been received by any of the aforementioned agencies, it will be reviewed and steps will be taken to address it. You should be aware that these agencies do not represent your personal interest, and they act primarily in the public's interest. Therefore, if you are seeking personal compensation, you can file a small claims action at the Sparks Justice Court. Note that you cannot request more than $10,000 as compensation in a small claims suit. Also, it is recommended that you consult an attorney for a legal assessment of your case before going to court.