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How to Verify a Professional's License in North Las Vegas?

As a resident of North Las Vegas, it is essential you hire only professionals that an appropriate licensing agency has duly licensed to ensure that your projects are handled properly. Nevada's 36 professional licensing boards issue licenses to North Las Vegas professionals and regulates these professionals' activities in the city. These boards maintain license search portals that allow you to confirm that the intended professional has been duly licensed per relevant board regulations. For instance, the Nevada State Contractors Board's license search tool will enable you to verify professional contractors' licenses in North Las Vegas.

Also, you may be required to obtain city-issued permits before work commences on your project. Some of the permits you may need are building, electrical, plumbing, and demolition permits. These permits are issued by the North Las Vegas Land Development & Community Services through its Building & Fire Safety Office. You can send an email or call the Building & Fire Safety Office at (702) 633-1536 for all questions regarding the North Las Vegas permits process.

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Do North Las Vegas Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

The interests of the residents of North Las Vegas's various neighborhoods are represented through the city's Housing and Neighborhood Services Division. However, neither this division nor the associations in any of the city's neighborhoods are authorized to issue building permits. Instead, the Housing & Neighborhood Services Division creates and develops sustainable and affordable housing for residents, beautifies the neighborhoods, and also provides revitalization projects and down payment assistance. This Division also identifies strategies that can aid community development and how funds will be allocated to housing and community development through partnerships with various funding sources like the Neighborhood Stabilization Funds (NSP), Home Investment Partnerships Funds (HOME), State Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). You can contact the city's Housing and Neighborhood Services Division at (702) 633-1532 to get information that can be beneficial to your neighborhood. As part of its commitment to community development, the Housing & Neighborhood Services Division, in collaboration with the Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program, has made loan facilities more accessible to homeowners in North Las Vegas. Also, the city is collaborating with the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority and other non-profit agencies to submit a funding application for a Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI) planning grant, which would help choice focus areas, like Rose Gardens and Buena Vista Springs, with the necessary support to achieve their respective revitalization plans.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in North Las Vegas?

Residents of North Las Vegas can file complaints relating to unfair business practices with the Nevada Attorney General's Office by completing an online Electronic Consumer Complaint form. The Constituent Services Unit of the Attorney General's Office can also send you a paper complaint form if you request one via email. Note that the subject of the email must be tagged "Requesting Paper Complaint." You can send the completed complaint form to the address indicated on the complaint form. You can also contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection Hotline for further instructions at (702) 486-3132.

The Attorney General's Office cannot give you legal advice, so if you seek to take someone to court for recovery of money, you need to employ the services of a private lawyer to pursue legal actions for you. You can contact the Clark County Bar Association at (702) 387-6011 for lawyer referral services. However, if your claim is for the recovery of $10,000 or less, you can file a small claims action at the North Las Vegas Justice Court without having to hire a lawyer. You can find helpful information for filing your small claims actions online through the Nevada Civil Law Self Help Center.